Sultan Nazrin Muizzuddin, the Sultan of Perak have declared Kinta Valley as the national geopark.  This has made Kinta Valley, the second national geopark of the country after Unesco Global Geopark of Unesco Global GeoparkLangkawi.  This is located south of the northern state of Kedah. The Kinta Valley Geopark is known to cover an area of 1,952 kilometers and encompasses 2 districts in Perak, the Kampar and Kinta districts.

There are about 18 geo-sites which are located in the area that includes Naga Mas Cave, Gunung Lang, Gunung Korbu, Tambun Cave,  Tempurung Cave, Jeram River, Sungai Salu Waterfall, Hutan Lipur Ulu Kinta, and some more.

Tan Kar Hing Tan Kar HingState Tourism, Arts and Culture Committee Chairman in his speech have stated that Kinta Valley is popular for its unique mountains and hills and has many historical mining heritage, history of geology, and various other attractive natural landscapes. Hence, Kampar and Kinta district is quite suitable to be developed in the Geo-trial for attracting local, as well as foreign tourist’s comments the Gunung Lang Recreational Park.

For further conservation and preservation efforts of the heritage treasures, Tan have said that Kinta Valley Geopark is going to be placed under the management of Perak State Park Corporation. They are also planning on developing Perak Tourism Action Council to support PSPC to manage and preserve the identified heritage locations.  The idea to develop the Kinta Valley into national geopark had been mooted in the year2014 and obtained the consent from the state government.

In the month of July, 2017, Kinta Valley had been evaluated as the National Geopark Evaluation Commission and had been approved in order to be converted into a national Geopark.  In early times, Sultan Nazrin had signed a special plaguye to declare the Kinta Valley, the national geopark, officially.


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