Within PKR, one won’t get to see any aegis politics. Although, this statement was made by the PKR deputy President Azmin Ali, regardless of the fact that it was revealed that he is a loyal supporter of opposition leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim for over three decades.

Azmin, MP for Gombak stated that he holds a great track record. For 30 years now, he has been working for Anwar and has never deserted him. He even stated that as he followed Anwar for all ministerial level, he is deemed to be suitable for the top post in PKR.

Speaking on the issue of leadership, Azmin pointed out that allegiance and devotion to the leadership and respect need to be earned.

Azmin is likely to protect his post for the upcoming party election against Selangor menteri Besar Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim. He was depicted by the media for questioning Khalid. He apparently revealed the stupidity that Khalid has been running in the state.

Azmin who is a US graduate of maths and economics stated that for Anwar he has relinquished a lot. In spite of being arrested, being made naked, and after facing the accusation of sodomization, he has never faltered his belief I that Anwar is clean. After having served Anwar for 15 years officially, he also looked after the family of Anwar when he was sent to jail. He even supported the cause of PR and Keadilan.

He continues to support Anwar as he believes in the idealism and courage held by Anwar and he has complete trust in Ibrahim’s faith for the people. He believes that his way of talking and mannerism is similar to Anwar.

Azmin finds it very difficult to choose between DSAI or Dr Mahathir. Both of them are great leaders but would be supporting Anwar as he wants to contend the truth.


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