The Selangor Party Polls should’ve ended. However, all sorts of drama that includes the alleged sabotage have resulted in the polls of Kuala Selangor to be postponed to a later date. As of now, Azmin is leading the polls while Rafizi uses illegal tool to win the election. 21 out of 22 state divisions are known to have completed polling for selecting the divisional and central leaders of PKR except for Kuala Selangor.

The party polls have come to a standstill abruptly after the e-voting system had been stalled. It is believed to be caused by the electronic jammer that had been found hidden at the polling center. The device had been found to be stashed in between seats at the open stadium of Kuala Selangor where the polling was to be held.

As perJuwairiya Zulkifli, the Bukit Melawati assemblyman, the drama had unfolded at 10am on Sunday when the e-voting had begun. She said that they had been using the Mykad reader for the first time and it had been stalled since the internet access had been pretty slow. The old system could not be used since it hadn’t been updated.

She also added that the central election committee of the party had stationed an IT person or a technician there checks on the e-voting system. Thereafter, the decision had been taken to postpone the division polls.

At around 2pm, she received a call at the device which was considered to be the jammer. It had been found at the stadium. She immediately took the picture of the device and then forwarded it to Kuala Selangor District Council president in order to find out if it had been some type of an electronic device placed by them. However, Juwairiya, the district council president said that it wasn’t theirs. Thus, she considers it be to be an element of sabotage.


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