It was a tense situation for Malaysia as they had to wait till the last stage and minute of the game to finally become victorious of the AFF Suzuki Cup Group A match. The team led by Tan Cheng Hoe was thrilling to the crowd consisting 12,000 people in the first group home match. The score became 3-1 for the team led by Tan Cheng Hoe and that can be considered as the turning point of the match. The Malaysian team had to lose more sweat to win the game because of the hard work by the Laotian team whose leader was V. Sundramoorthy.

The last goal certainly woke up the Malaysian team from their slumber as pressure was piled up on them by Harimau Malaya with his professional passes that were polished and also some of his enterprising plays. The constant pressure paid off after a brilliant passage of play was finished by Mohamad Zaquan Adha Abd Radzak with Muhammad Syahmi Safari and Muhammad Safawi Rasid within 14 minutes of the game. Malaysia upped the quotient for the match but they were also guilty of missing some good chances. The goalkeeper of Laos, Saymanolinh Praseuth, was impressive with his style of game as he foiled more than one attempt in the second half of the match. During the 90th minute of the game, the veteran forward player for Malaysia, Norshahrul Idlan Talaha, became the hero of the match after his second goal for the team. And this was the moment when the score for the game was 3-1 and Malaysia was declared as the winner.

The first game was won by Malaysia when the lone goal edged Cambodia in the Group A match played before this at the Olympic Stadium located at Phnom Penh.


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