Malaysian PM Mahathir Mohamad expressed his sadness of what was going on in the world, as he spoke at the United Nations General Assembly. He expressed the situation of helplessness in which the world’s nations had been put to, after the United States had decided to sanction a country. Speaking openly, he said, “If you want to have sanctions, let us have a law to govern them.” A seasoned politician as he is, he was right in saying that one country sanctioned has and will have an adverse impact on other nations.

“We do not know under what laws sanctions are applied. It appears to be the privilege of the rich and the powerful,” he added, hinting at the tyrannical stand that Trump administration has taken without giving any respite to Iran, over the last few months.

Political analysts have pointed out that Trump has used a strategy of economic sanctions of one kind or the other to continue to put pressure over nations. It is being used as a diplomatic tool, with President Donald Trump threatening other nations with punishment if they buy any oil from Iran.

The recent in the list of incidents is Chinese companies and their CEOs being sanctioned of having done business with an Iranian entity and created a correlation to that having facilitated war in Syria. For everything which is commercial in nature, United States has used it to suit its own agenda.

Mahathir also renewed his criticism of the Trans-Pacific Partnership, an 11-nation trade pact that includes Malaysia but from which Trump pulled the United States. He again pointed out the wrong manner in which US had decided to call the shots, and asked for a renegotiation.

 Mr. Mahathir has held office and won the appreciation from the Malay people because of his clear understanding and bold moves to make the lives of the common man easier and happier in Malaysia.

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