As Indian traders call for an unprecedented boycott of Malaysian Palm Oil exports, Malaysian PM Mahathir Mohamad remains unnerved and has declared that he does not intend to retract his statement over the Kashmir issue.

Mr. Mohamad had made possible a derogatory statement over the way India was handling the Kashmir issue, a move that did not go well with Indian PM Narendra Modi. The result was that a political skirmish has become an economic battle between Indian and Malaysia, over their largest trade commodity Palm oil.

Undeniably, Mahathir admits that this situation could lead to a trade war between both nations. Meanwhile, India’s top vegetable oil trade body made its own movie, as it asked all traders to stop buying Malaysian palm oil over the statement that Mahathir made at the recently concluded United Nations General meeting.

Mahathir referred to India’s move towards Kashmir as “invasion and illegal occupation” which according to him is a Muslim majority region also claimed by Pakistan.

It is worth noting that Malaysia has recently signed a trilateral agreement with Turkey and Pakistan to start a television channel to break the myths around Islamophobia.

Mahathir said that he was expressing an opinion under the regulations set down by the United Nations and he was not sorry for doing that. In response to the trade war started by India, he said, “thought should be entertained as that and should not meddle with trade between nations.” Malaysia is now planning to increase it’s raw sugar and buffalo meat imports from India, in the hope of easing off tension. India has not made any formal comment on this development.

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