Thailand and Malaysia have agreed to open up the borders for round the clock cross-border trading as announced by Dr. Mahathir Mohamad. Putrajaya is going to construct two bridges which will connect Kelatan to the border for encouraging trade.

Dr. Mahathir pointed out that trade is a crucial stimulus for the economy and stated that Putrajaya is going to ensure that the project materialized in spite of the current problem they are facing with road alignment. They are going to work in order to see if the borders at Bukit Kayu Hitam is going to be made easy access for the nationals of Thailand and Thai goods into Malaysia, vice-versa.

To make sure that this is done, they are going to handle the border crossing for about 24 hours in a day so that there isn’t any delay when the goods are going to be transported. They are planning to construct to bridges in Kelatan, Pengkalan Kubor and the second one in Sungai Golok-Rantau Panjang which is also in Kelatan. He says that there is some problem with the road alignment but they will solve it mutually.

Datuk Mohd Azis Jamman, the Deputy Prime Minister on 13th October said that the Thai government wasn’t prepared to open the borders for 24hours activities at the Quarantine and Security complex, Bukit Kayu Hitam Immigration, and Customs.

At present, the borders are open for 18 hours in a day. Malaysia had agreed to open the borders last year for facilitating the cross-border business starting on 2019 January for increasing tourism and reducing traffic congestion at complex. Dr. Mahathir is on a two-day official visit to Bangkok.


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