Mahathir Mohamad, the Malaysian Prime Minister has admitted that he cannot be taken to be a good example when it comes to getting sufficient exercise. Albeit, the 93 year old man is popular for his constant working habit, he has confessed that he doesn’t do enough physical exercise.

When he was speaking at the launch of the National Sports Day at 13th October, Tun Mahathir  have reminded the Malaysians about the importance of being active in exercise and sport, particularly if they lead a sedentary life.  Thereafter, he added the lighter being vein that unfortunately, he isn’t a good example.  He says that he doesn’t exert himself physically as much as he urges others to do so.

Again, he says that people should do what he doesn’t do; you should not follow Mahathir as he is not quite right since he asks other to do sports when he does not. According to Dr. Mahathir, he didn’t take part in the different sports activities in school with the only exception of rugby. According to him, rugby doesn’t require physical skills. In case you are enough brave to bash the head against your opponent’s head, you can play.

To play rugby, you do not have to be skilled. All you have to do is quarrel with the opponents. This is the reason Dr. Mahathir played rugby. National Sports Day is an event with is organized by the Youth and Sports ministry is celebrated on 2nd Saturday of October, each and every year. Other than the national-level launch and celebration, Malaysians from every walk of life have taken part in the concurrent activities and celebration nationwide. Dr. Mahathir said that he is proud of the sporting achievements of Malaysia which includes the 7 gold medals which have been won in the 2018 Asian Games of Indonesia.


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