A Malaysian court on Wednesday have set 7th January for 2 Southeast Asian women who have been charged with the murder of the half-brother of North Korean leader to begin their defense as the lawyers have complained some of these witnesses were unreachable.

In August, the High Court judge found that there have been enough evidence which will infer that the Vietnamese Doan Thi Huong and Indonesian Siti Aisyah along with the 4 missing suspects of North Korea was involved in a well-planned conspiracy for killing Kim Jong Nam.

The women seemed to appear calm and sober during their hearing. The trial has been because of the resume 1st November but had been postponed since the defense lawyer fell ill. The lawyers of Aisyah’s have made a new application to the court for compelling the prosecutors to offer them with the statement that 8 witnesses had been given earlier to police.

Kulaselvi Sandrasegaram, her lawyer said that they have been informed that one of the witnesses, the man has chauffeured Kim had actually died while these two Indonesian women who have been the roommates of Aishah were believed to have returned to their homeland. She said that they have managed to interview 2 witnesses who have been offered by the prosecutors while the others haven’t turned for their appointments and could not be contacted.

The statements of the witnesses taken by the police are important in interest of justice and to make sure that what they say to the defense lawyers are consistent with the facts that have been told to the police. Prosecutor Iskandar Ahmad has said that the police interviews are actually privileged statements and it shouldn’t be made public.

Azmi Ariffin, the judge has said that the court is going to make a decision on the basis of the defense application. He has set 10 days from January 7 through February for the defense of Aishah and 14 days from 11th March through April for Huong.


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