Malaysia has rejected to become a part of the present crisis affecting Qatar. Rather, it has requested the Emir of Qatar to have a discussion with the Quartet.

The Emir of Qatar has tried to cajole Malaysia’s Prime Minister, Mahathir Mohamad to get interested. The Emir wants Malaysia should assist Qatar in enhancing their ties with the countries in the Middle East that have banned his country i.e. Qatar. However, the emir has failed in this attempt.

It is the second occasion in as many years the Emir has been unsuccessful in this attempt. After all, the answer of Mahathir Mohamad has remained the same to what Najib Razak, former Prime Minister of Malaysia had stated. In fact, Najib had even demeaned and humiliated the emir of Qatar by announcing that the relationship of Malaysia with Saudi Arabia was even stronger.

The Prime Minister of Malaysia, Mahathir Mohamad has explained the significance of solving the crisis between Qatar and the Quartet. He stated that in order to solve the crisis, there is a need to make use of diplomacy and discussions. At the same time, the Prime Minister also placed a lot of stress on the hurdle of getting involved as the arbitrator in the present crisis through which Qatar is going.

The Quartet on the Middle East, also known as Middle East Quartet or simply the Quartet is made up of 4 countries in the Middle East. All these four countries have taken a stand against terrorism. This is because studies have shown that Qatar offers financial aid to terrorist organizations.

In fact, Qatar has been charged of providing support to terrorism all over the world. For this reason, embargo has been issued against Qatar.


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