The Malaysian economy has collected over RM84.1 billion from the tourism sector last year that is also the highest ever collected so far. It was noted that the s were responsible for making the maximum growth across the southeast of Asia since the past decade and it is assumed that they will continue to flourish the growth of Malaysian Tourism.

A research house named as Maynbank Kim Eng mentioned in one of its latest researches that it expects more Chinese tourists to visit the country in the time ahead.

Although there are higher collections of tourism receipts, the data received from Malaysian Tourism Board indicated that there was an ease in the number of arrivals in Malaysia by about 3.0 percent in 2017 while in 2018 the rates eased by another 0.4 percent reaching to 25.8 million.

Making an analysis of the report created one of the analysts named as Wong Chew Hann said that the reason for such a decline could partly be due to the lack of efforts in promotion in the past few months. The analysts said that the Malaysian government needed to do something to step up with their efforts of driving in more tourists in the country.

The analyst cited that last year Malaysia accounted for the visit of about 41 % of people from Singapore of the total 25.8 million visitors. It was probably due to the congestion caused at the land checkpoints for the new biometric system and also for the strengthening of the rigging against the Singapore Dollar that some of the tourists preferred to skip Malaysia resulting in the decline in the number of visitors.

It was suggested that Malaysia should adopt the e-visa system for visitors from Singapore.


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