Artificial Intelligence has highly dominated the world of technology and countries are in constant competition to beat one another in the competitive market of technology. To join the global race of Artificial Intelligence technology Malaysia is all set to get its first Artificial Intelligence Park.
The new Artificial Intelligence Park will be developed in collaboration with the local and Chinese Organizations in a move to boost the AI supremacy of the country amidst the global race.
The park is worth $1bn and it would be focusing on applications that work on Artificial intelligence. It would also use computer vision and the speech recognition systems including the natural language procession.
The companies that are jointly collaborating to begin the process is China Harbour Engineering Company, a Malaysian apparel company called G3 Global and an Artificial Intelligence Firm from China called Sense Time.
This new project on Artificial Intelligence will give the country a platform for grooming as well as nourishing the local Artificial Intelligence talent. Additionally, it would also contribute to the development of a commercial ecosystem for Artificial Intelligence and help in the advancement of AI research in the country as well.
The Executive Chairman of G3 Global, Wan Khalik Wan Muhammad said that this was a massive potential of Artificial Intelligence in Malaysia and the company was very eager to see the nation compete with other nations in the same level.
He also said that the idea for setting up an AI Park was vital in order to promote Artificial Intelligence in Malaysia. Moreover, it would also become an area where talents of Artificial intelligence could be trained and developed as well as for machine learning. He said AI was an important tool in the economy.


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