A young man from Malaysia have been given death sentence for selling cannabis oil to the ill and it has stimulated the debate over the country which is has a majority of Muslims staying there about the drug laws which are tougher than any other laws of the country. In fact, it has also been prompted by the case that the country is on the verge of becoming the first to make medical marijuana legal in whole of Asia. But because of this stigma that have been long held and of the population who are conservative, the change within Malaysia will come slowly.

One of the medical marijuana users, Yuki, described her turning point of life was smoking the first joint and she is also willing to get imprisoned for the use of the drug rather than giving it up. She was also desperate to try it out at a young age after she found out some interesting and important facts about it. She found out the name of the drug in pursuit of searching for something that can ease chronic pain from hypokalaemia and low potassium level of blood. It can also cure diabetes to some extent and this was the reason for her to start with the medical marijuana at an early age.

During the early 2000, public discussion for the use of medical cannabis was fictitious in Malaysia which is known to be a country with some of the harshest laws of the world. Even citizens were not allowed to cultivate a single cannabis plant at home for which they could be imprisoned for life. No one was also allowed to possess more than 200g of cannabis at home because it could be sentenced to death.


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