Malaysia is all set to become the preferred location for international companies who are looking to expand their business, in the semiconductor industry, especially the water fabrication industry.

The Group Chief Executive Officer of IGSS Ventures, Raj Kumar said that Malaysia had a multinational companies appeal making it more attractive to the international businesses who are aiming to expand their businesses.

He emphasized on the factors like having availability of high skilled manpower for research and development purposes, followed by a large scale English speaking population, laws that are business friendly, advanced technologies and infrastructures and an excellent network of transportation and an integrated telecommunication system.

Unlike the technology companies, IGSS Ventures is a technology firm that focuses on developing and commercializing the mainstream and new technologies in the semiconductor industry. The founder said that at the moment Malaysia and Singapore were the only countries that consisted of water fab infrastructures and capabilities in the South-east of Asia.

According to the founder of IGSS Ventures and other founders like him, Malaysia is considered to be a growing part of what the semiconductor industry needs. They also consider Malaysia to be part of the elite club of six nations across the world that was perfect for providing the appropriate ecosystem for the semiconductor industry especially when considered from the perspective of cost and infrastructures.

When considered from a global point of view, the semiconductor industry needs important alternative locations in order to expand itself and build new setups or relocate their existing arenas of the industry mainly for the increase in the cost of operations.


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