The organizers of the Philippines have dropped the event of men’s open water swimming and have replaced it with women’s Open Water Swimming. With the sudden change in decision many of the countries around the world are unhappy.

For Malaysia, it could mean a loss of another potential Gold medal. The President of Olympic Council of Malaysia, Datuk Seri Norza Zakaria said that the respective National Sports Associations would be informed about the exclusion of events and the new inclusions in the tournament.

He said that the Olympic Council has just received a letter from the Sea Games Federation and would be discussing the matter with the concerned National Sports Associations. The feedback would be provided after the end of the discussions.

He said that a country is there that would be filing a protest for the aquatics section, however, the Olympic Council will still be talking with the Amateur Swimming Union of Malaysia regarding the matter.

The president told reporters that the discussion was necessary as it involved changes in the last minute. In addition to that, the changes would also be having an impact on the preparations of the existing athletes. He also said that apart from aquatics, three of the other events would also be replaced, that included eSports, polo and Kayak.

Based on the letter from the Philippine Olympic Committee, the Hearthstone event of eSports would be replaced by NBA 2k19 and the B4-7 division of Polo would be set up instead of B4-6 goals. The men’s Kayak 1000m single event would be replaced by canoe’s 1000 single.

The changes may cause Malaysia to lose approximately 70 Gold medals as some of the strong events of the country were dropped from the games.


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