The Malaysian government is still not decided on whether Daesh members of Malaysian origins in Syria should be allowed back into Malaysia. The general public feels they will be threat the sovereignty of the country, while the Malaysian Police Chief is all in favour of their rehabilitation.

As many as 40 Daesh members of Malaysian origins include women and children and are currently in Syria. Inspector-General of Police of Malaysia Abdul Hamid Bador is in favour of extracting Malay origin citizens, even though they are Daesh converts. With great confidence in their deradicalization program, Bador feels this would be the best way to respect and fulfill international obligations, by taking responsibility of our own citizens, who might lost their way and turned to terror factions.

Adding to the thought, at a press conference, Malaysia’s Special Branch Anti-Terrorist Division principal assistant director Ayob Khan Mydin Pitchay has agreed that “Daesh returnees would undergo rehabilitation, which would include counseling for the children.”  The United Nations has shared statistics on the number of terror victims of which maximum are children from displaced families or deceased militants.

Malaysia is one the rare Asian nations that prides itself in the success of its deradicalization program. The program is said to have acted as a model for the fight against terrorism and religious extremism, in which religious institutions play an equally important role during the rehabilitation process.

“Malaysia prides itself to having achieved a 97 percent success rate which indicates that occurrences of recidivism are minimal,” Muhammad Sinatra, an analyst at Malaysia’s Institute of Strategic and International Studies has shared with a well known media agency.

But on the flipside, general public feels that atrocities of war and voluntary enrolment into the Daesh militant group, does not qualify them to be wishing to be salvaged.  The constant exposure to violence and a consequent defeat in Syria, may be enough reasons for them to indulge in hate crime in Malaysia as well.

Also, not all deradicalisation programs show a 100percent success rate, according to economists and terrorism experts. But Malaysia might want to give its own a chance of redemption.

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