Malaysia is joining the bandwagon of high-speed internet connectivity which is now available through 5G networks and is looking forward to its telecom companies working with the Chinese telecom giant Huawei.

The government has communicated its intention of not being averse to tying with the company, despite the choppy waters between the US and China.

Ministry of Communication and Media has said that this development brings Malaysia as one of the first Asian countries to introduce 5G networks to its customers.  The nationwide demonstration of 5G projects starts in October.

 The Malaysian government spokesperson has added that the country continues to hold the stand that “it is not concerned about the spying allegations, focusing instead on the relative affordability of Huawei products.”

Further, Gobind Singh Deo, Malaysia’s minister of communications and multimedia has said at a recent industry event that “It is hoped that Malaysia’s early commitment to 5G, to rapidly deploying 5G testbeds and nationwide demonstration projects, will position the country as one of the leaders of 5G adoption in the world,”

Commercial 5G networks are now becoming a reality and the need of the hour, as customers want more data download in a smaller duration of time.

The government plans to roll out ultra-fast mobile internet service early next year.

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