Mahathir Mohamad, the Malaysian Prime Minister has said that his government is not going to allow any corruption in the foreign worker hiring process into the country. During the tenure of the previous government, corruption had been pretty prevalent which involved the employment or even the brining of the foreign workers.

Mahathir said that they have a proper policy for the foreign workers.  He says that they do not allow corruption or even selling or buying of the workers or even the smuggling of workers. He said that he wants only people who have jobs in Malaysia to come in.

He states that they need to know how many workers are needed so that they can ensure then there isn’t enough Malaysians. It is then that they allow foreign workers to come in for some period of time.

His comments have come in as a response to Japanese business who have lamented about the need for a clear-cut policy on foreign workers as the companies have faced problems of bureaucracy for renewing the visas.

The issue is quite significant for Bangladesh too as the estimated one million Bangladeshis are known to reside in Malaysia. Of them about 500,000 remain undocumented and primarily because of the fraudulence by the brokers, employers, and brokers.

As per the experts, some of the Bangladeshis are also known to be the victims of trafficking in Southeast Asian countries which is dependent on foreign workers in construction, agriculture, and also manufacturing sectors. However, there are allegations of corruption when it comes to the process of recruiting the foreign workers.

The Malaysian government is known to have suspended the recruitment of the Bangladeshis since 1st September after the allegation that these Bangladeshis have been charged with a high recruitment fees that is Tk 3.5-4 lakh each.


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