The retirement of Malaysian Badminton major may be a big loss for Malaysia in the particular sport but it seems that the Malaysian Badminton Association is now eyeing the position of its men’s single’s coach. It might not sound like a wise decision to let go men’s single’s coach Hendrawan but if considered monetary wise; it might be a big benefit for the Badminton Association.

The former Indonesian world champion is known to have annual earnings of almost RM500,000  excluding his travel expenses for the various tournaments. Hendrawan joined the Badminton Association of Malaysia about 10 years ago and has played a significant role in helping Lee Chong Wei to achieve Olympic Silver medal for the third time in 2016.

Additionally, he also played a major role in getting back Lee Chong Wei in the World No 1 position and also on the top form of his career. However, he was later accused of being involved in an eight month doping incident.

But, with Lee Chong’s retirement announcement last month, the position of the coach no longer remains the same, it has become almost unnecessary. Additionally, the men’s single’s department is already headed by Misbun Sidek and is also assisted by another Indonesian known as Indra Wijaya.

It is known that the Indonesian Badminton Association is already courting the coach to make a comeback for boosting up the preparations of men’s singles team for the Tokyo Olympics next year. Now that the National Sports Council and the sponsors have become way more prudent about the funding this could be the ideal time for the Badminton Association of Malaysia to downsize.

Earlier the Badminton Association had also save a good sum after four Olympic silver medalists left the national set up and now if the cut out of Hendrawan takes place the association might save about RM 3 million extra every year.


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