The Malaysian Government official accused of making a confession video that claimed of him having a homosexual relationship with the Economic Affairs Minister of Malaysia Azmin Ali, has been suspended from performing his official duties.  The official who is 27 years old was the private secretary of the Deputy Primary Industries Minister of Malaysia Shamsul Iskandar Mohd Akin.

One of the leading postpapers in Malaysia told that the government official  was asked by the ministry to give them an explanation regarding the matter in a time of three days. The official was also issued with a show cause letter by the ministry or he would have to face the risk of being removed from the office.

Meanwhile, the video clips that was circulated in the social media platforms have already rocked the political arena in the country since it was released, the Industries minister, Datul Seri Shamsul said that the show cause letter was issued on Wednesday.

The deputy minister said that the ministry would not be hesitating to bring an end to his contract immediately if the official failed to come up with a response within the stipulated period. He said that the official, Mr Haziq’s contract has stipulations about his contract that could ruin the image of the government.

On the other hand Mr Haziq said that he had filed a police report as he received flak from the netizens for admitted that he was the other man in the video clipping implicating the Economic Affairs Minister. He even posted two blurry images of the police report that he had lodged along with a caption saying, “You can call me anything you want but I was never raised a liar.


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