KUALA LUMPUR – A Malaysian Grab driver was recognized for his kindness after driving for over 200KM from Melaka to Johor just to return his passenger’s Prada wallet.

Carney Mak, 31, booked his transport while staying in Johor Bahru. He left his wallet in the Grab car only to realised the wallet is missing while he was on his way back to Singapore.

The passenger informed Grab that he had left his wallet in the car and not long after, Sateesh, the grab driver called him and found his wallet.

Sateesh had to drive over 200km and returned the wallet in its original state with his ID’s and cash untouched inside.

“Thank you Mr Sateesh KARUPPUSAMY for driving down from MELAKA (really long drive) to JB Sentral Caltex just to return my wallet. – keeps me believing in humanity.”. He said.


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