When it comes to technologies, the Malaysian government has always encouraged the citizens to embrace the latest advancements in technologies; however, the Malaysian Prime Minister seems to be among those who are not that gadget savvy. Prime Minister, Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohammad said that many of the latest gadgets of this generation are way more advanced than him.

The 93-year-old Prime Minister recalled how a 10 year tried teaching him to perform a function on the computer, but the minister said that it was difficult for him to remember the method. He said that modern technology was not easy for old people like him and insisted that he still found it complicated to understand some of the modern technologies.

Dr. Mahathir even said that he was still not familiar with all the feature of his handphone despite paying for the whole thing. He only knew to use some features and did not know how to use the rest.

The minister, however, expressed his happiness for the love of the younger generation for new technologies and how they accustomed themselves with it easily. In order to speed up the progress of the nation, the Malaysian government has been urging the people to shake hands with Industry 4.0.


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