The National Track Cycling Squad of Malaysia is making the best efforts  in the training programs to ensure the team maintains itself in the highest positions at the Tokyo Olympics 2020. Mohd Azizulhasni Awang, the National track cycling ace said that the Malaysian team riders were at the moment participating in a series of Grand Prix and Class 1 races in Europe in order to warm up and also know about their racing tactics.

He also said that the participation in the races would also help them to earn qualification points for the World Cup 2019 series that is expected to take place in the month of November. He said that there was no necessity of getting in the World Cup series, but the points collected from it was okay and they now needed to maintain it. It was also the same reason for the national team to join the class 1 races and the Grand Prix, so that they could ensure the point is maintained. The players are also using the races as their training grounds.

He said that there were hardly a few more such Grand Prix and Class 1 races remaining in which the team will participate before the world cup began. The team was on the right track and at present the team was focusing to strengthen the foundation before it focused on any specific training.


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