The Parti Keadilan Rakyat has planned to dismiss two of its members who had been involved in the ruckus of the party pols in Penang and Kedah with immediate effect as mentioned by the Party President Anwar Ibrahim.

Datuk Seri Anwar believes that the decision had been made by the central election committee of PKR (JPP) after it was done investigating the two different incidents that was based on video recordings and photographs.

Anwar says that they are dismissed immediately and they are not going to be involved with any kind of party activities. In case there are any leaders involved, they are going to take some disciplinary action. They are taking a robust decision to avoid any kind of unbecoming behaviour which might go against the rules.

Mr. Anwar thanks the police for their swift action against the trouble makers. He says that it sends out strong message to the members of PKR that the party is not going to tolerate any such happenings in future. He added that they are not going to protect any such people and it is better to kick them out of the party.

Xavier Jayakumar, the incumbent party vice-president claimed that the scuffle that happened during the PKR polls of Penang and Kedah was because of a glitch in the system and it is not a sabotage.

The PKR polls started on Sunday and had been marred by the chaos with chairs being throw during the media conference in Penang’s Seberang Jaya. In the meantime, a video clip went viral on social media which showed that a PKR member in Kedah’s Merbok is being bashed repeatedly on the head until he bled out. In order to restore order, the Federal Reserve Unit had to be called. Many people had been detained over the incident.


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