Prey Inc, software maker, declared it is an open to source anti-theft software and it is also a cross platform that is eponymous. It is not a malware that have been alleged by some of the PKR leaders over the internal election procedure of the party that is surrounded by various kinds of problems.  The software cannot be used for the modification of the content of certain programs in the devices that are being used for the election process for the post of deputy president of the party.

Some of the free features of the Prey include security actions and tracking of the device like alarm, alert for messages, and remote screen lock. The Remote Wipe Feature and the Remote File Retrieval are some of the features that are a part of the paid plans and they are indeed exclusive too. Further it can be known that the Remote Wipe is the only feature which has the capability of wiping off the SD card and it can also be used for formatting the Android device can be done completely. But the disadvantage of this feature is that it cannot target any particular file so that it can be modified or alter the content of that file.

It is also confirmed by Prey Inc that the software cannot delete specific applications or modify data of the device because it does not have the feature of Remote Desktop. It also does not have the capability to remote control the data of the device. Along with these features, it is also known that once the software protection is activated, it can only install those applications given by the administrator status. Prey Inc also does not give credit to the allegations which have been against the software as a ‘malware’ and it has been clearly said that the application is incapable of bypassing any authorized user modifications and information from the device. Tampering of the in-device data and installation of unauthorized applications can be prevented with the software from Prey Inc.


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