Mindef, the defense ministry has stated that it carefully considers the media reports that thirty individuals have been kept from voting in PKR polls as they were taken to be the military personnel. However, Mindef have said in a statement that the information in media articles seem to contradict the police report which is lodged by the party worker.

A total of 7 individuals have been accused of possessing military identity cards or even phantom voters had been investigated by the police. The initial information that was secured showed that the 7 individuals were not the members of military. Mindef said that it has taken serious view of the allegations that the military personnel have been involved in the party polls. Police report has been made and the ministry is going to wait for the investigation result by the federal police.

In case it is true that any military personnel who has been involved in the incident, a disciplinary action is going to be taken as per the provisions set out in Armed Forces Council Order No 3/1972. Under the Armed Forces Regulations 2013, the members of the Armed Forces shouldn’t take part in active politics.

As per the act, the members who have been involved in politics can be removed from the duties. The polling at Pelaling Jaya Utara division has seen allegations of phantom voters or the ones who aren’t eligible to vote like the ones who died or are underage or using some fake identity cards. The chief of the division and also the PKR stalwart Elizabeth Wong is known to have won the post uncontested and have mentioned that her team has stopped about 30 people from voting after the officers discovered that they are going to carry military identification cards.


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