Here’s the official date, July 15, 2020, school for Form 6 Semester 1, Remove Class, Form 1 to 4 for secondary and Standard 5 and 6 for primary school will begin. Meanwhile, Standard 1 to 4 elementary school students begin classes.

Minister of Education Mohd Radzi Md Jidin has declared the launch of tuition centers on 15 July 2020. Depending on the school readiness evaluation and planning, we conclude both schools are able to reopen. School administrators have made detailed preparations for handling student enrolment in full.

“However, the Ministry of Education has also deferred to the Ministry of Health ( MOH) and the National Security Council (MKN) in taking decisions on the reopening of schools. Based on the present Covid-19 outbreak scenario, MoH and MKN have decided that complete school openings may be introduced in the immediate future.

However, Mohd Radzi said that no sports and co-curricular activities will be permitted at this time. He said the opening day extends to all government colleges, state-aided colleges, private schools and any educational entity registered with the Ministry of Education.

We are closely recommended to obey the dates for schools which are not listed with the ministry too. Mohd Radzi said the ministry is taking into account the need to reorganize the logistics for exam students who will be seated in the first week of 2021 for this year’s SPM.

This involves determining deadlines for the school session next year to insure it’s going on. The 2021 academic calendar would finalize it. The reopening of the first process of the schools started on June 24 and this year 500,444 students from more than 2,500 schools took their public exams. Both schools would now have to select one of three operating models: one session, two sessions and rotational models based on the power, room and density of the schools.

Mohd Radzi said that one week before its reopenings, teachers, parents and guardians would be told about the templates their respective schools choose.


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