The Cabinet has taken the decision to abolish the death penalty and it is going to be tabled in the next sitting at the Parliament that is going to start on 15th October as said by Datuk Liew Vui Keong. The minister who is charge of the law in the Department of the Prime Minister said that while this government is studying some cases, all executions are halted. The death penalties are going to be abolished.
He has told that they are studying some issues and they need to look into this and listen to the views of everybody but for now the decision is to abolish the death penalty. Liew stated that with Putrajaya planning to abolish the death penalty, the Pardons Board is going to have the task to look into the application of the death row of the prisoners.
He says that the executions shouldn’t be carried out and they are going to inform pardons board to check the various applications of the death row of the inmates either to release or commute them. If they commute, they will have to face life time imprisonment as there had been much death which had been caused by the offender and thus, the offender had been sentenced to death by the court.
Liew has also added that the paperwork for the law abolishment is in the last stages and the Attorney General had provided a green light for this to be tabled in the Parliament. All the papers are in the final stages and it has been indicated by the Attorney General that it is to be tabled in the session of the Parliament.
In the opening speech, Liew had said that the Pakatan Harapan government if mulling a repel of Sedition Act 1948 and many other draconian laws.


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