MMC-Gamuda is hoping that they will be invited back to negotiate the table after Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad said that the cancellation of the contract of MRT2 underground is going to be reviewed. It states that it is committed to further cooperation and discussions with Finance Ministry for reaching out to an agreeable reduction cost.
The firm has said that they are going to adopt an open book method when it comes to the appointment of the international engineering consulting firm which has the required experience and track record to assess the tunneling works all around the world. Thus, it will be the best position to re-check from where the savings will be derived.
The firm has added it request for the open book approach is just that the Intellectual Property rights and also the commercial sensitive information is respect by the said reviewing parties and reviewing consultants during the time of reviewing process. MMC Gamuda then leaves the matter in the hands of the Prime Minister.
Lim Guan Eng, the Finance Minister have announced the cancellation of the contract of MMC-Gamuda’ after they were unable to reach an agreement for reducing the cost of the project. He stated that the cancellation is going to save RM 5.2 million off the entire project which cost RM16.71 billion and that these underground works is going to be retendered adding MMC-Gamuda will also be able to participate.
Dr Mahathir stated the government is going to consider the termination of this contract that acted as the catalyst for the fear that around 20,000 workers might lose their job. MMC-Gamuda have also addressed the reaction of the employees over the announcement of Lim, and have pointed out that the reaction had been sincere and also directly from their heart.


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