Malaysia’s, Ministry of Economic Affairs have outlines two main approaches for reviewing 11th Malaysia Plan which is to be tabled on October 2018 at the parliament. Datuk Seri Mohamed Azmin Ali, its minister has said that the approaches had been for furnishing the progress report in the first 2 years of this country under the PH government or Pakatan Harapan Government along with the policy and direction of the economy of the country based on PH manifesto.

The Cabinet accepted that the ministry will present Half-term review that will have two approaches. This time KSP’s presentation is unique because it will not just present the economic performance of the country of the first 5 years but the RMK-11 will have a new PH government which had been formed on May 11. This is what Azmin has stated in the media conference after they had chaired the 6th retreat session along with the 24th Indonesia-Malaysia-Thailand (IMT-GT) Growth Triangle Meeting of Ministerial Level on Monday in Bandar.

Adly Zahari,. The Melaka Chief Minister, Arkhom Termpittayapaisith, Thai Transport Minister, and Darmin Nasution, Indonesian Coordinating Minister for Economic Affairs had also been present.

Mohamed Azmin is the Gombak member of the Parliament. He has stated that the approached are being examined thoroughly by Economic Planning Unit in order to be tabled in RMK-11 KSP.

He has also said that he is confident that the close connection between the member countries of IMT-GT will skip forward the mission, particularly when they have to face the upcoming challenges related to Industrial Revolution. According to him, Malaysia is ready to work with both the countries to make sure that the regional economic condition is stable enough and is capable of coping up with various challenges that follow the present uncertain economic situation of the world. They aim to move forward to seamless, sustainable, and inclusive sub-region by the year 2036. The cooperation has to be resistant and ready to any economic threat and changes due to globalization.


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