Najib Razak’s former special Envoy appeared in the High court today and declared to the court that he along with the former principal private secretary to the former Prime Minister were ordered by a runaway financier called Low Taek Jho to open up overseas bank accounts on their own names as dependence which is believed to be used for political motive.

Low is believed to have asked for the accounts to be opened after approval from Najib according to Datuk Amrahi Efendi Nazaruddin who happens to be the eighth prosecution witness in the hearing for the allegations regarding the role of fugitive financier Jho Low in connection to the 1Malaysia Development Berhad corruption case.

Amharic testified that he along with deceased Datuk Seri Azlin Alias had opened Bank accounts at the BSI Bank of Singapore in 2012. He said, “ Jho Low told us that they had been blessed by Datuk Seri in the form of asking them to open accounts calling them as Standby. He also informed us that these accounts could be used for political motives and that they will be managed by him.”

Amrani also clarified that Azlin and he were uncertain and terrified as they thought that denying orders would be dangerous to the security of their families and they would receive threats regarding the same so they decided to do as they were told.

Amrani was approached by a BSI officer in Switzerland in 2016, bringing into his notice that an amount of more than  800000 US dollars had been credited to his account. He was later asked to cash the amount because the bank was terminating all dealings with him.

Following this incident, Low helped Amrahi to open a bank account in Shanghai but resulted in a failed attempt and later Low got Amrahi to open another account at Kasikorn Bank of Bangkok.

Attempts to transfer cash from BSI to Kasikorn failed and upon informing Low, Amrahi was assured that the matter would be looked into after which Amrahi is unaware of where the money went till today according to his statement.

Najib is currently accused under 21 money laundering and 4 cases regarding misuse of power allegedly accepting illegal money transfer worth RM 2.28 billion in the time span between 2011 and 2014.

His Barisan Nasional coalition also lost the general elections last year mainly because of civilian frustration over 1MDB case and he has denied all charges against him calling them politically motivated in order to maintain an innocent impression.


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