The Finance Ministry is known to have approved the allocation of RM3.6 million for repairing the mosque and upgrading the stadium in Teluk Intan as stated by MP Nga Kor Ming. He has mentioned that RM2 Million had been allocated for upgrading the works that included the installation of the floodlight at Seri Kandi Secondary Schoo’s mini stadium in Selabak.

About RM1.6 million is allocated for the structural damage repairs at At-Taqwa mosques in Kampung Padang Tembak. Abdul Rani Harun, the district engineer of Hilir Perak had also been there along with Terence Naidu, the Pasir Bedamar assemblyman.

Nga is also the Dewan Rakyat deputy speaker have stated that the allocation is actually a gift to the people particularly to the ones who live near Padang Tembak and Selabak who had voted for the Pakatan Harapan government.  In the meantime, Datuk Ayub Mohamad, the chairman of At-Taqwa Mosque have said that the allocation is the second and the biggest which a mosque has secured from the government in addressing the falling issues since the year 2013.

He has said that they are thankful and happy with the good post. He hopes that the generous provision the problem is surely going to be solved.


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