The National Registration Department or NRD has denied all the allegations against the candidates for the PKR polls. It have been said that a candidate for the post of Kimanis PKR branch chief has 2 MyKads. In a statement made by the NRD, it was mentioned that the candidate had only been issued with one identity card based on the records. The department of national registration also reminded to the persons who made the allegations that each of the individuals have been issued only with one identity card which consists of one unique 12 digit number. This number cannot be possessed by any other person of that region. In fact, this number is generated by a system which again uses a particular formula that cannot be copied by that person even.

Any person who has more than one identity card number or obtains is by means which are unauthorized or for not any valid reason. It is an offense which can be punishable under the National Registration Regulations 1990. The National Registration Department has not issued any letter which gives the confirmation that an individual has two unique identity card numbers or MyKads till date. The claim which was made by Parti Bersatu Sabah secretary-general that a candidate who is contesting for the post of PKR Kimanis branch chief has two MyKads. The matter of the candidate came under the light after he was arrested by the Anti-Corruption Commission of Malaysia for the investigation in a case of corruption.

The allegations which have been made against the National Registration Department that they have issued 2 MyKads to candidates contesting for the post of PKR Kimanis branch chief is absolutely not true and they can also show some proofs for that too.


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