There are several areas where Malaysia and New Zealand can work together, particularly in the public services field delivery with the use of advanced information communication technology ICT as said by Grant Robertson, the New Zealand Finance Minister. With two new government keen to provide good governance and transparency because of the efforts of Azmin, it will be appropriate for Putrajaya and Wellington to work together in order to improve the delivery of the public services for the people.

The minister who had visited Datacom the ICT company of New Zealand that has been in Malaysia for 20 years said the country desires to ensure that the government services has been working for the people and for developing the citizen-centric services which are ICT  based.

Moving towards new technology and the manner in which they are being used, there are many areas as they are complementary with each other as told by Robertson after briefing on the economic outlook at the Official Residence of New Zealand.  He has also state that both the countries need to cooperate in the green technology areas and also climate change that are especially important for a small country such as New Zealand that has a population of 4.8 million.

Robertson have stated the government of New Zealand have welcomed the foreign direct investments from Malaysia into the service sector and agriculture with the view to increase the productivity that ranked pretty low among the Economic Co-Operation Development Organization.

On the meeting with Malaysian counterpart, Lim Guan Eng, he stated that both of them have discussed about strengthening ties in between two countries. Malaysia and New Zealand have established a diplomatic relation more than sixty years ago on 25th of September, 1957.  He mentioned that both of them have talked about working on bilateral trade that the country stands at NZ$3.5 billion.


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