The Regent of Pahang, Tengku Addulla is about to be sworn in as Sultan on 15th January. Tengku’s ascension to the state throne would allow him to be labeled as Malaysia’s new king.

This announcement was made during a press conference on 12th January. It was also mentioned that the crowning ceremony would be held on Tuesday at the Sultan Abu Bakar palace in Pekan, Pahang. It was also specified that Tengku Addullag would be declared as the sixth Sultan of Pahang and he would be taking the place of his father Sultan Ahmad Shah. Well, the proclamation came a day after the Pahang royal council met to deliberate on the successor to the throne.

After ruling King Sultan Muhammad V decided to resign from the post of Malaysia’s king after holding the position for two years. The resignation, a first of its kind for Malaysia during modern times, followed reports that he married an ex-beauty queen in Russia in November during a pretended two-month medical leave. Hence, there is an urgent need to select a new monarch.

Under Malaysia’s inherent monarchy system, the election for the king is carried out on a rotational basis after every five years. The Sultan of Pahang would be next successor, followed by the Sultan of Johor. Earlier it was announced that the new king and the deputy would be elected on 24th January.

The suggestion to select Tengku Abdullah as the new Sultan was made as Tengku’s father Sultan Ahmad Shah being seriously ill. The Pahang Royal Council that met in Kuala Lumpur on Friday, agreed collectively to the suggestion.

Tengku Abdul Rahman on 12th January announced that he and his family need to accept that his father won’t be able to carry out the duties and responsibilities as a ruler. Hence, after consulting with the closest family members conceded to suggest to the Pahang Royal Council to select his elder brother Tengku Abdullah as the successor to the throne.


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