The Penang government through the Tourism, Culture, Heritage, and Arts Committee is known to have urged the Malaysia Airports Holdings Berhad to address the issue of flash flood at Penang International Airport in an effective manner.  Yeoh Soon Hin, the committee chairman said that the flood situation in LTAAP is going to undermine the tourism industry in the state in case the quality of service and maintenance isn’t addressed in an efficacious manner.

The airport reflects the image of the city and this incident should not have taken place.   It is necessary to find out the cause of the incident. Moreover, the departments at the airport should take urgent maintenance measure for strengthening the airport facilities.  He said that the committee has made some arrangements already of the LTAAP for discussing matters like upgrading the services and facilities of the airport.

The heavy downpour at Bayan Lepas area for almost two hours have caused flash flood at the airport and the water have spilled over the departure lounge for those flights which are using turboprop aircraft. The matter had been confirmed by Mohd Hazin Hashim. Nonetheless, he has mentioned that there has been any serious flight delay that occurred because of the flood. In fact, once the rain stopped, the water had receded.


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