On 18th October, PKRs Kebun Bunga parliamentarian Jason Ong Khan Lee advised that Putrajaya should contemplate on legalizing marijuana for medical usage.  Medical marijuana should be used for the cancer patients.

Jason Ong stated that every year more people are getting diagnosed with cancer. According to reports by the National Cancer Society of Malaysia, it has been evaluated that one in four Malaysians develop cancer by time they become 75 years old. He also added that using marijuana for cancer treatment dates back to 3000 years.

Ong understands that cannabinoids which forms an integral compound of marijuana, is very helpful for relieving stress, inflammation spasms, and convulsions. He even mentioned that big nations like Canada, the United Kingdom, and Australia have either legalized marijuana or have initiated the process of researching medical marijuana. Hence, he feels that Malaysia can also learn from these nations about accepted usage before implementing it in their home country. He feels that further research needs to be done before medical marijuana gets licensed and is not available for abuse.

Ong even mentioned that neighboring nation Thailand has also showed their interest to legitimize research on the effects of marijuana on humans. He commented that Malaysia shouldn’t lag behind and should advance with care and certify that changes done are in favor of the Malaysians.

Jason Ong thinks that a good source of revenue for Malaysia can come from marijuana plantation. He feels that unlike synthetic drugs, marijuana can become a natural cure for patients as it has got huge medicinal values.

He added that legalizing marijuana should be a compelling step regarding healthcare. Tly Nations like Russia, Switzerland, and Uruguay have legalized marijuana; whereas Canada recently authorized recreational marijuana.

He feels it’s time for Malaysia to look into the use of cannabis oil and medical marijuana; rather than using opiate based synthetic drugs so that it can cure cancer patients.

He even asked for the amendment of the Dangerous Drug Act 1952. He even added that Water, Land, and Natural Resources Minister Dr Xavier Jayakumar are also trying to amend the laws governing medical marijuana.


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