Perak has to be patient in regards to their participation status for the Asian Champions League qualification round for the next season. This follows FA of Malaysia announcement that they are going to secure official confirmation in regards to the application of Perak to take part in the club competition of Asia.

Nonetheless, on the basis of the explanation of the secretary general of FAM, Stuart Ramalingam offered to NSTP Sport, it appears like Perak will certainly take part in ACL just after Pahang didn’t put any kind of appeal with the football governing body of the country.

He says that for now, he cannot confirm the participation of Perak in ACL and he states that the speculation making rounds on social media is just fake post.  The club licensing of FAM, the First Instance Body is about to make the announcement in reference to the application of the license by the October 17th. Only on Wednesday he will be able to inform about the latest development. For the license of Asian Football Confederation, they will have to the application of the team of Malaysia League to AFC.

After this, AFC is going to inform them about the status of the applications of the team. NSTP Sport have reported that Perak FA are waiting for a confirmation from FAM after the emergence of the qualifying schedule of ACL on social media that Perak had listed among the teams.

The slot for ACL mainly belonged to Pahang since they emerged as the champions of the FA cup this season. However, they are also known to be a facing a 2 year suspension because they applied for the AFC license from FAM since they refused the offer to be a part of the AFC cup this year. As a matter, it is clear that Pahang didn’t make an appeal to FAM so that the slot mighty end up to be the virtue of being the runner’s up of Perak in the Super League.


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