Training is vitally necessary and will be an essential part of the everyday lives of all professional athletes. Learning helps the body to slowly develop strength and endurance, enhance ability rates and create confidence, determination and trust. Training frequently encourages competitors to gain deeper understanding about their sport and to think about the value about maintaining a balanced mind and body. 

Regular activity raises muscle tone in terms of the physical results of preparation, promotes improved breathing, enhances energy, stamina and endurance and enhances the rate of disposal of waste materials. Physical fitness often accelerates healing period following vigorous exercise; this helps the body to deal more easily with workout demands and makes it more prone to injury and disease. Education also provides mental wellbeing advantages, as it increases attention and self-esteem.

In view of this, Perak skipper Shahrul Mohd Saad hopes that football operations, including team preparation, will commence even sooner and players will achieve maximum fitness before the Malaysia League (M-League) resumption in September is expected.

Accordingly, he suggests that the Malaysian Football Association (FAM) and the Malaysian Football League (MFL) should plan the best practicable standard operating procedure ( SOP) to be forwarded to the National Security Council ( NSC) to enable the M-League to restart.

Since March 16 the M-League has been suspended following the enforcement of the motion control order to curtail Covid-19 ‘s expansion.

He stated that like it or not, He will all embrace the NSC ruling, which forbids all football events, because it is in everyone’s best interest. Since he think that FAM and MFL should continue to work hard to ensure they can get back to the arena.

While it feels strange, He will continue to practice as normal, with coach Mehmet Durakovic tracking our progress once a week. Meanwhile, midfielder Nasir Basharuddin, of the Terengganu FC, admits that he and his teammates were able to transition to the new standard until the league resumes.


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