Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim appears to have votes in his pocket for the by-election of Port Dickson as per the political and local observers. However, the only concern that he harbors is how big a majority he is going to get against the closest competitors out of 6 other contenders contesting for parliamentary seat.

However,  Anwar has secured  a comfortable enough lead after Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad  had turned up for the campaign for him as per the schedule last night for dispelling the rumors that he is next in line to be the prime minister and also incumbent doesn’t get along. Nonetheless, Tan Sri Isa Samad’s campaigners, the closest challengers of Anwar have stated that the unprecedented appearance of the prime minister in the by-election is not likely to sway the supporter of the former Umno strongman.

One of Isa’s campaigners, who have been making the rounds knocking every house in the constituency morning and night, has said that no can actually read the minds of the voters. However, as per their assessment after they meet many of them, they will start admitting that they are with them after admitting to the speech of Mahathir.

Starting from now till Friday midnight, Isa and Anwar can be expected to inject greater personal touch when it comes to their efforts in order to win over the hearts of the ballot voters.

For the last ten days, the candidates have talking up the storm in order to develop Port Dickson to a greater extent but the undecided voters have stated that such pledge won’t win them over. A shopkeeper has said that he doesn’t want to say much about the development since he fine with his shop at the waterfront.  He simply wants to judge how friendly the new MP can be with him.


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