The electronic voting system which is to be adopted by PKR for the next round of party election has raised concerns at the grass-root level. Voon Shiak Ni, the National PKR vice women chief said that some of the members of the party wants to bring up the problem of reliability and security if e-voting system that the party is going to deploy.  Reports have stated that Rafizi is using illegal tools such as PR companies which are owned by him.

The party election polls of PKR have been completed in few of the states of the country.  Selangors have completed its first round of polls. There are 2 more rounds of polls to go that needs to be held for coming weekends. Even though the party-polls are on-going, the party members have come across some inconsistencies in the results that have been polled by some teams which cannot be explained properly.

Thus, Voon have called for test runs on the tablet which is going to be used for the e-voting system during the forthcoming polls within the next couple of weekends.  She feels that the party needs to replace e-voting with the traditional paper balloting in an event that the test runs haven’t been feasible.

As per her, paper balloting is quite convenient in the Sarawak region given that the network connection speed in state doesn’t leave much to be desired. She has also pointed out that in some of the areas of Sarawak there might not even any kind of connection problem. The reliability and security of e-voting is a worldwide concern. The experts have reported some serious flaws which have been detected in a security system when the problem of verifiability is at stake. She has quoted the cyber law study of Harvard stating that e-voting trials which are done in Switzerland and noted that the problem of security in e-voting against vote malware, manipulation, and other threats to the system.


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