MIRI: The crocodile escaped from captivity in kampung house on Sunday (Dec 15) and the Fire and Rescue Department in Limbang town in northern Sarawak got more than they bargained for.

The department received a call from a man in Kampung Imok, Jalan Pendaruan, near the town centre, who asked for help because his “pet” had escaped from his house, which was flooded.

“The crocodile was reared inside a water tank.

“When it was flooded, the crocodile escaped into a nearby water-logged area outside the house.

“The owner called Bomba Limbang for help.

“He said the crocodile started to become aggressive,” said the department in an update.

A group of firement went immediately to the scene to capture the croc that measured about 1.2 metres in length.

After taking it away from the scene, the firemen didn’t give it back to the owner but handed it over to the relevant wildlife authorities.

Kampung Imok is one of many villages in Limbang that is currently facing flood woes brought on by the landas season.

The landas in Sarawak is the equivalent of the monsoon in the east coast of Peninsular Malaysia.


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