PKR seems to be a little ‘noisy’ party because all the members have accorded the right to publicly air their complaints. The PKR deputy president Datuk Seri Azmin Ali commented on many of the issues that have been raised by several camps within the PKR party regarding the controversial election process of the party. He said that the reason for which the party has become so much noisy is that they are very democratic and they do not cover or hide any of the problems that are being faced by them.

According to the statements given to the media sources at the opening ceremony of the PKR Women and Youth wing congress, Azmin said that if the unity within the party is strong enough, then they would not feel threatened by outsiders. He also said such openness for the party may appear weird to several other people as they have been under the ruling of Umno and Barisan Nasional for long. Perhaps, they see that it s somewhat odd as the PKR party have also been under the same party for too long as well. he also mentioned that the process is healthy for PKR party and they will emerge as a stronger one after the election for the post of deputy president of PKR.

In his opening speech, Azmin said one of the prime factors for them to be strong is the unity which they have within the party and it is also the key to oppose external threats. The party members were also addressed by him that they need to follow the election and party polls very carefully so that they can focus on how they can get unified in moving forward. He also suggested the party that they should not lose sight of the reformation fight that they have taken up, in spite of the coalition which is ruling.


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