Many Jelebu division members want the election committee of the party to include 315 votes which has been categorized as spoilt prior to the decision is being made on if the members should re-vote. Mohamed Zabidi Abdullah, the member who won the top post unofficially by 3 votes in 3-corned fight said that it wouldn’t be fair to the members if the votes aren’t considered.

The returning officer has commented that the votes are not going to be counted under the e-voting system because of the internet and server problems during the voting process. Jelebu is known to be only one of the 8 divisions in Negri Sembilan that had reported a glitch in the process of voting. This division has 3,439 registered members. It is because of this that the overall official result hasn’t been released.

Mohamed Zabidi has also lodged a police report regarding this matter at the Kuala Klawang police station. In the polls, he has obtained 178 votes when Mohamed Zabidi Abdullah got 69 votes and Yusmazmi Ahmad Yusuf got 175 votes. Mohamed Zabidi has stated that he had been prepared to accept the outcome of the result after 315 votes was counted.  Yusmazmi Ahmad Yusuf gotMohamed Zabidi Abdullah


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