For the elections of PKR for the post of deputy president of the party, the Julau branch could not create any kind of upset because Rafizi Ramli succeeded to become victorious from it. He secured to get 247 votes ahead of Azmin Ali at the election which has received high controversies from across the world. But it was only known till the voting procedure at Sarawak began. It is also known from different sources that Rafizi is trying to spread rumors and conspiracies against the party so that it can have a bad affect on the reputation of Azmin, his contender.

Though Rafizi was quite happy with the number of votes that he got from Julau, which was also the highest turnout too, it could not supersede the number which Azmin got from Sarawak itself.  The number of voters who were involved in the vote procedure of Julau was not enough to remove Azmin Ali from the seat of the deputy president for the party. Azmin Ali won from different others areas that includes Bandar Kuching, Batang Lupar, Baram, Lawas, Kota Samarahan, Lubok Antu, Mas gading, Saratok, Lanang, selangau, Mukah, Bintulu, Betong, Kanowit and Hulu Rejang. He also made a clean sweep in Petra Jaya, Santubong, Stampin, Mambong, Sarikei, Sibu and Sri Aman as well. and that superseded the number which Rafizi managed to get from areas like Julau, Serian, Sibuti, Miri, and Limbang.

Rafizi have always been into the headlines for getting involved in different kinds of wrong doings. In fact, Azmin have himself lodged a complaint with the Malaysia Anti Corruption Commission against him that he is involved in the money politics for getting the post. Azmin received a total of 4267 votes only in Sarawak. So it can be well imagined what his total number of votes from other parts can be.


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