The high stakes of PKR poll is going to set to Sarawak and Sabah next week. However, the last of the voting of many states in the peninsula has left enough to be desired with sabotaging the claims. After the talk about the quarter trying to disrupt the polls, there has been evidence of this only last day. It was a jamming device at the booth while e-vote had been conducted in Kuala Selangor that led to the suspension of polling.

This has increased the suspense as to who is going to clinch the prize of PKR deputy presidency in the polls. The weekend has been a roller coaster for the hopeful’s vice president Rafizi Ramli and incumbent Datuk Seri Azmin Ali.  Azmin is now leading in Selangor. Azmin, the Economic Affairs Minister is leading by around 1,400 votes. The team of Rafizi is now worried that even if he is able to manage the win of the deputy president, he is going to be lonely at the top.

Even if the former Pandan MP has hauled in a lot of vote in the last week to get close to Azmin, his teammates haven’t done well. Thus, even if Rafizi wins, he is going to face a tough time in order to get support for this plan as the ones who will win the lower position belong to Azmin’s team. If we take a look at the results, we’ll find, Rafizi is alone but the team of Azmin as a whole.

In the race for the 8 vice-president’s post, Nurul Izzah has the highest number of votes.  However, the next 4 on the list have been aligned with Azmin are  Shamsul Iskandar, Zuraidah Kamarudin, Tian Chua, and Dr Xavier Jeyakumar. It is after them that the other three, Kesavan, Johari, and William Leong follow.


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