Rashid Din, the PKR election committee chairman has dismissed the claim of interference in the Sabah party polls this weekend.  Speaking to FMT, Rashid have described grouses of Rosli Masaliku, the Sabah PKR leader as not valid. Rosli stated that he has been unhappy that the election committee members from Peninsular have taken over the voting center when it had been agreed earlier that the state team is going to take the lead.

He said that they are the election committee they go to the states for carrying out the party polls and not the members of the Sabah election committee.  The role is actually to help coordinate the logistics and manpower.  It is the same with every other state.  He has added that for each and every division, only 4 central committee members have been present while the rest of the election committee personnel at voting centers were from Sabah.

Rosli mentioned that he has received several complaints that JPP members from peninsula who were sent initially for helping out had outnumbers the Sabahan members and had also overridden them in the voting centers. Regarding the decision as to if fresh polls are going to be held in Sabah after the report issues, Rashid have stated that it needs to be studied first but conceded this is not going to be easy to do due to the logistical challenge.

Azmin has managed to garner 10,466 votes against Rafizi in 24 out of 25 divisions and he has been pretty transparent regarding the election. Rafizi is 1,574 votes behind Azmin. The Economic Affairs Minister is known to have won 15 divisions in comparison to Rafizi who has won in 9 even though this does not include the result from Keningau division.


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