Some of the results of the Julau division polls have been suspended by PKR because seven of the tablets that were used for the voting process have been seized by the police. This was stated by Datuk Rashid Din, party election committee chief. He also stated that the delay may take some more days as the party is not being able to verify the results without the devices which have been seized by the cops. The PKR party cannot confirm the results in some days because seven out of the 76 tablets have been taken away by the police. A total of 76 tablets were used for the voting procedure in Julau alone.

Some of the people also think till now that Rafizi is using rumors and conspiracies to spread negative reputation prior to the PKR elections for the post of deputy president of PKR. The party election committee chief for PKR said that they are waiting to find out some other way to get the results from the devices that have been seized by the cops. If needed, they also can wait for some more days to get the perfect results. The Julau division of the PKR elections was known to be plagued with different kinds of controversies. Among all the controversies, one of the claims that have been made were that the number of membership has suddenly increased and it was also alleged that the devices that have been used for the voting process have been hacked using a malware via anti-theft software Prey.

Election coordinator for Sarawak PKR, Desmond Kho, stated that according to the police reports which have been lodged on the alleged hack of the e-voting tablets in Julau was not true and the allegations were baseless too.


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