There must not be any delays for the PKR election process and it must continue in the way which it going on, said the incoming president Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim. The process cannot be delayed anymore and it must going on in the way in which it is moving forward. He also said that most of the weakness of the e-voting system has been acknowledged from the starting of the process. He also has the idea of the weakness that is being faced by the e-voting process of the elections from the number of complaints that have been made against the scrutiny of the party.

Some of the important statements that includes the fact that the party also allowed for the unsatisfied people with the results to raise their objections against the voting system. However, he also mentioned that the voting procedure must continue amidst all the complaints that are being made and the matter needs to be investigated. He also assured that investigations will be done on the issue. All the investigations made by the unsatisfied people will be done by the police and the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission.

The PKR polls have also been riddled with some of the serious issues like allegations of unknown voters, use of jammers for blocking the internet access and outbreaks of fights as well. In a statement, the incoming president also said that the voting process must go on amidst the investigations and the authorities will always do their job and find out the problems. He assured that the investigations will be done by maintaining the transparency of the cases.


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