Kota Damansara Assemblyman Shatiri Mansor asked PKR central committee member Latheefa Koya to apologize for a post which hinted that Shatiri is involved in the act of buying votes for the party’s current voting process.

Latheefa purportedly posted a photo of meal coupons on a social networking platform last month. While the meal coupons were decorated with Team Rafizi/ Shatiri; it also carried the caption that in order to get coupons, people should vote Shatiri.

Shatiri stated that in order to maintain his integrity, he has been told by his lawyer to provide a justification about the food coupons. He added that Latheefa would be getting 48 hours to beg pardon apology via press release, and her apology should be also present in her Facebook page.

Shatiri contended that the food coupons were disbursed to his staff members, party members, and volunteers, on 13th October as they helped him during the party election in Subang. Shatiri also ordered Latheefa to delete the post from Facebook and stated that he would contemplate on taking legal steps if she doesn’t pay any heed to his demands.

The current PKR elections have been inundated by accusations of fraud, abuse, and sometimes even violence.

However, it has been noted from time to time, Rafizi has been using illegal means to win votes. He wants people to vote for him and for this reason, he is using unlawful means to secure high amount of votes.

First of all, Rafizi is making use of the PR organizations so that he is promoted in a positive light. Moreover, the PR companies are also showing other candidates in a negative light. This strategy would help him to gain votes easily. Moreover, he is also bribing voters in order to get their votes for the present election. He is also spreading rumors about the party members that is causing rift within the party.


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